Ever since its reveal as the mysterious Nintendo NX, rumors about the Nintendo Switch have been frequent, especially around major announcements regarding the console. While most of these rumors have been debunked, a fraction of them have been officially confirmed. This page is intended to document all notable rumors about the Switch, true or false.

While rumors before the First Look at Nintendo Switch reveal trailer came from various sources, most of the post-Switch rumors are created by freelance gaming journalist Laura Kate Dale, who claims to have connections with insiders.

Current rumorsEdit

GameCube Virtual ConsoleEdit

In December 7, EuroGamer posted a report about the Nintendo Switch continuing the Virtual Console system, which first started with the Wii and would support GameCube games, with Super Mario Sunshine, Luigi's Mansion and Super Smash Bros. Melee as the first titles to be released through this system, with Animal Crossing also in development.[1]

Dark Souls trilogy portEdit

On December 6, Dale posted a tweet about a possible Dark Souls trilogy port for the Nintendo Switch, all bundled with their DLCs. According to her tweet, the games are working at a level that the developers are happy with. However, they are purportedly waiting until sales data to see if a port for the system is a good option. If so, Dark Souls 3 may be released on the Nintendo Switch at the same time as on other systems.[2]

Confirmed rumorsEdit

Seasons of HeavenEdit

On December 8, Dale posted a tweet about a small upcoming game for the Nintendo Switch, with a December announcement.[3] Later that day, the game was confirmed to be Seasons of Heaven, a game developed by Any Arts Production based on the book french The Seasons of Paradise.[4]

Extra Dock performanceEdit

On December 6, Dale posted a tweet regarding the Nintendo Switch Dock, stating that it assists the performance of a docked system thanks to its USB-C connection. The Nintendo Switch Presentation confirmed that the system uses a USB-C to charge, and the rumor as a whole was confirmed later the same day when Nintendo revealed that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild runs at a higher quality when the Switch is docked.[5]

Disproven rumorsEdit